3. CONCEPT GENERATION - C-division-2021-2022-odd/Repo-01 Wiki

3.1 Establishing functions

User Functions Functions from Designer
Start up Accepting user response
Start up indication
Operating to load Picking
Lifting the object
Operating to move Carrying
Movement of machine
Operating to unload Unloading the object
Finishing indication
Chasis Casing

3.2 Morphological Chart

SL NO Subfunctions Means 1 Means 2 Means 3 Means 4
1 Picking imageEnd Effector imageGripper suction cupSuction cups robo aemRobotic arm
2 Lifting imageLever mechanism imagelinkage mechanism fork liftFork lift mechanism parallel linkage Parallel linkage
3 Carrying palletPallet Slider box Box rack Racks bin Bins
4 Movement wheelsWheels mecanum wheels Mecanum wheels wide belt Wide belt omniwheels Omniwheels
5 Indication buzzer Buzzer light indication Light indication namor s Namor sensor proxy sensor Proximity sensor

3.3 Function tree


3.4 Designs

Design 1 : Solar pick and place machineimage

Design 2 : Pnuematic loading palletizer

image place bot

Design 3 : Loading robotic arm bot

auto mach

Design 4 : Automatic pick and place machine