MOTOR SIZING AND BATTERY SELECTION - C-Division-2022-2023-Odd/Repo-08 GitHub Wiki

Acrylic Sheet=1.17cm

v=l x b =20*4 =80cm²

m=vρ =801.17cm³

F=mg =93.69.8 F=917.28N

T=917.28*10 =9172.8N cm T=9.172Nm²

Gear Ratio

Ratio=Teeth of driven gear /teeth of driver gear



Dc motar with 60 rpm

Battery Sizing

Motor Current=2*650=1300mA Arduino=50mA

Total Current=1300+50 =1350mA

Multiplying by safety factor=1350*1.2 =1620mA=1.62A

Therefore we will use 2A Adapter