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This is a idea on the narrative of video games. In video games there is a narrative, this means a bad guy, good guy, protagonist and goal. What I've learned throughout my two or three years in the game development world (mainly source engine) is that good game (half life 1/2, Stray) tend to avoid having a sole protagonist, sole bad guy, ect. They also avoid declaring something as bad, this is so the player can form their own opinion. Another not only notable but also advantages design tatic is making everything have a reason, this means everything can be concluded and solved by the player without external help (excluding things like the gman). Never have a sole protagonist, in valve game a core strategy is to make the world work without the player and don't have him or her do everything. make sure there are other actors in the story, this makes the world and story more lifelike due to there being events out of the players control, this could be a reble attack on a combine outpost resulting in a raid, it helps drive the story and make the world more realistic.