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Welcome to the ath-docs wiki!

C# changes:

  • OnRemove() method was replaced by OnDestroy() in server side C# Module
  • Mark Remove() method as deprecated and add Destroy() method for consistent alt:V api

Serverside changes:

rm import { PluginSystem } from "@AthenaServer/systems/plugins"; > add import * as Athena from '@AthenaServer/api'; rm > add, onLoad); await AccountSystem.getAccount(player, 'discord',; >> await'discord',;

await playerConst.set.account(player, account); >> await Athena.player.set.account(player, account); AgendaSystem.goNext(player, true); >>;


  • import * as myResource from "myResource" becomes import * as myResource from "alt:myResource"

  • The CommonJS File resolution has been disabled, this means if you want to import a file you now need to append the .js extension. If you want to import a folder you need to specify a file. Here you can see a small example: myFile needs to be replaced with myFile.js and mySubfolder with mySubfolder/index.js.