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CO453 Applications Programming 2021

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Module Scheme 2021

Click on this link to go to the pre-lesson videos
Complete as much of the coding as possible before attending the class. The power point presentations may be useful to remind you of the videos contents. You may work in pairs with one other student on App02 to App05, however it must be a different person for each app. Click Here for the Code Marking System

Lessons are on Thursdays and Fridays (please see Online Lessons Page) the following dates are week beginning dates, the actual date depends on your individual student timetable. For extra help on C# please watch

C# .NET Application in 60 Minutes and C# Tutorial YouTube Series

Week Week Begin Videos Subject App Start App End
01 01 Feb 01 PPT-01: C# Input, Output & Arithmetic App01:DistanceConverter
02 08 Feb 02 PPT-02: Refactoring & Selection App01
03 15 Feb MVC Workshop (ASP.NET Core MVC) App02: BMI Calculator, App01
04 22 Feb 03 PPT-03: Repetition & Arrays App01, App02
05 01 Mar 04 PPT-04: Test Driven Development App03: Student Marks End App01, End App02
06 08 Mar Workshop Continue App03
07 15 Mar 05 PPT-05: Inheritance & Polymorphism Start App04: Social Network End App03
08 22 Mar Workshop Continue App04
09 19 Apr 06 MonoGame 2D Games Start App05: 2D Game End App04
10 26 Apr Requirements Workshop Continue App05
11 03 May Requirements Walkthrough Continue App05
12 10 May Coding Workshop Continue App05
13 17 May Game/Code Walkthrough Continue App05
14 24 May Game/Code Walkthrough Continue App05 End App05
15 31 May FINAL SUBMISSION Final Marking Module mark