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List of unhashed names

A more up-to-date list of all unhashed names can be found in majiro-py/data in the known_hashes_*.json files. These will be updated every so often as more names becomes known. And especially soon now that syscalls are unhashable.

A lot of local variables

Hash Name Notes
$A3D0623B [email protected]
$EBCBCF9E [email protected] ?
$BC0299C3 [email protected]
$6F75F2A6 [email protected]
$6DC863DB _l%@
$C0C6Eb61 _ol%@
$9E271b60 _rate%@
$1BD0EE3D _xratio%@
$D77AEEA3 _yratio%@
$444FA64A _zoom%@
$76E76877 _x%@
$77250240 _y%@
$7FFD9113 _t%@
$D88B897A _fix%@
$BFAA930E _zz%@
$4A6E0632 _title$#@
$E317DAA0 _files$#@
$FF12CF9A _str$#@
$566797DC [email protected]
$566797DC [email protected]
$575C9C3B [email protected]
$FDB45069 @[email protected]