How to use the older WebSocket draft 00 hybi 00 hixie 76 protocol - Atmosphere/atmosphere Wiki

Before proceeding, please ensure that you understand the security implications of enabling the hybi-00 protocol. Recommended reading:

An older WebSocket Protocol implementation called draft-00, hybi-00 or hixie-76 is used by (at least) the following browsers and versions:

There are security issues with it and it's in some cases disabled by default in the browser. In that case Atmosphere will automatically fall back to other transports.

If you need to support draft-00/hybi-00/hixie-76 you need to use Atmosphere 2.0.5 or newer with Jetty 7 or 8 (Jetty 9 does NOT support older WebSocket protocol drafts) and add the following init-param in web.xml:


If you need the Atmosphere protocol enabled, or if you need CORS support you must also set the following init-param in web.xml (no issues have been found, but it might cause compatibility issues):


See #1403 for more information about the problem.