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The Atmosphere Framework is designed to make it easier to build asynchronous/Comet-based Web applications that include a mix of Comet and RESTful behavior. The Atmosphere Framework is portable and can be deployed on any Web Server that supports the Servlet Specification 2.3. This document introduces the framework and its module. For any questions or feedback, post them at [email protected]


What is the Atmosphere Framework?

The Atmosphere Framework contains several modules, which can be used depending on your needs:

The Framework also contains it’s own ready to use Web Server named the Atmosphere Spade Server, which consist of an end to end stack containing the Grizzly Web Server, Jersey and all Atmosphere modules and Plug-in. The Atmosphere Framework supports natively the following Web Server asynchronous API:

If Atmosphere fails to detect the above native API, it will instead use its own asynchronous API implementation, which will consist of blocking a Thread per suspended connections. That means Atmosphere applications are guarantee to work on any Web Server supporting the Servlet specification version 2.3 and up. Note that it is also possible to write your own native implementation and replace the one used by default in Atmosphere by providing an implementation of the CometSupport SPI. See next section for more information.

Connection Life Cycle