HowTo: Install this module - AtmelUniversityFrance/atmel-samd21-xpro-boardmanagermodule Wiki

This article will cover how to add this board manager module into Arduino IDE v1.6.7 and above.

1. Prerequisites

1.1 Arduino IDE

To use this module, you need Arduino IDE from Arduino LLC download page, either in installer or zip format.

1.2 Hardware

Second prerequisite is to own an Atmel Xplained Pro board, ie one of:

1.3 Turning your installation to Portable package

In case of you would like to have your Arduino IDE and all installed features being a portable package, the only action you have to do now is to create a folder named 'portable' at root folder of your Arduino IDE installation.

Teachers preparing their classes may find interest in this use case.

Screenshot of portable folder

Arduino IDE will install in this 'portable' folder every module/library/sketch you install/download/create.

1.4 Arduino IDE samd core package

Third prerequisite is the Arduino SAMD package, which will bring the Atmel SAMD core API, the ATMEL SAM devices information and the associated tools (ARM GCC toolchain, BOSSA, OpenOCD).

This operation can be done through the Boards Manager from Tools menu:

Screenshot of Board Manager start

Screenshot of Board Manager start

2. Bring module reference to IDE

At the moment (February, 2016), the installation of the module has to be done manually by adding the module json URL into Arduino IDE preferences. !!!Take care to verify this is the latest available version!!!

You have to copy the URL (link location) using your Internet Browser and then paste it into the corresponding edit box in Files->Preferences:

Screenshot of adding package to Arduino IDE

3. Install Atmel SAMD21 Xplained Pro module via Boards Manager

Everything should be OK now for Board Manager and you can start from Tools menu:

Screenshot of Board Manager start

You should find at the end of the list the Atmel SAMD21 Xplained Pro package. Click on install button and wait for end of package download and installation.

Screenshot of adding package to Arduino IDE

4. Getting Started

GettingStarted: SAMD21 Xplained Pro

5. Getting Started with WiFi

In case of you intend to use a WINC1500 Xplained Pro Extension with SAMD21 Xplained Pro, go to GettingStarted: WINC1500 Xplained Pro Starter Kit (WINC1500 XSTK)

6. What's next?

You can now play with your board and all existing Arduino examples, libraries, etc... Once you will be confident with all the offered possibilities, you will be able to make free all your ideas :fireworks:

If you have the chance to have a [FabLab|MakerSpace|HackerSpace] near your location, I push you to plan a visit there.

You will find the Arduino Getting Started guide here, some very good tutorials here and the Arduino Reference Manual [here]