02. How to use AVR Xminis board in Arduino IDE - AtmelUniversityFrance/atmel-avr-xmini-boardmanagermodule Wiki

This article will cover how to add this board manager module into Arduino IDE v1.6.6 and above.

1. Prerequisites

You need to program the atmega device with the proper Optiboot binary.

Please go to Preparing Xplained mini.

This Arduino IDE Board Manager package has been validated using Arduino IDE v1.6.6 and above, available here.

2. Bring module reference to IDE

This step is useless since June, 2016 as the module has been made available from Arduino server. You can jump directly to step 3.

At first, you need to indicate to Arduino IDE where to obtain this package. The Atmel AVR Xplained minis Board Manager package URL is the one of "package_atmel-avr-xmini-boardmanagermodule_index.json" from latest release here.

You have to copy the URL (link location) using your Internet Browser and then paste it into the corresponding edit box in Files->Preferences:

Screenshot of adding package to Arduino IDE

3. Install Atmel AVR Xplained mini via Board Manager

Everything should be OK now for Board Manager and you can start from Tools menu:

Screenshot of Board Manager start

You should find at the end of the list the Atmel AVR Xplained minis package:

Screenshot of Install via Board Manager

Click on "Install" button and leave Board Manager.

4. Getting Started

2 standard Arduino examples have been a bit modified to match the boards definitions (PIN_LED_13 for LED0 and PIN_SW0 for the SW0 push button).

Screenshot of Getting Started examples

5. What's next?

You can now play with your board and all existing Arduino examples, libraries, etc...

You will find the Arduino Getting Started guide here, some very good tutorials here and the Arduino Reference Manual here.