Setting up a dev environment - AtlasOfLivingAustralia/volunteer-portal Wiki

How to set up a dev environment in n easy steps...

  1. Install relevant Grails version (2.5.3): curl -s | bash then sdk install grails 2.5.3
  2. Install PostgreSQL: brew install postgres
  3. Create volunteers db: createdb volunteers
  4. Add postgres user that has access to the volunteers database, eg: createuser -s -P postgres with password password
  5. Setup /data directory: mkdir -p /data/volunteer; mkdir -p /data/volunteer-portal/config
  6. Add external config file for CAS: /data/volunteer-portal/config/volunteer-portal.config
  7. Install a web server and start it, eg: sudo apachectl start
  8. Symlink http://localhost/data to /data, eg: cd /Library/WebServer/Documents/; ln -s data /data
  9. Install example DB dump: pg_restore -C -d postgres $dump_path
  10. For ALA CAS, give your local machine a hostname, eg: by editting /etc/hosts and adding a line like: ::1 and

For production, one should run behind nginx. The ansible "scripts" have not been updated to reflect this yet.