Image Uploads - AtlasOfLivingAustralia/profile-hub Wiki

Images can be uploaded for profiles through the profile edit page.

Images are stored against an ALA Collectory Data Resource. Each profile collection must have an associated Data Resource in the Collectory for this purpose.

Draft Mode

When an image is uploaded to a profile in draft mode: it will be 'staged' (stored on the ALA Profiles server) until the profile draft is published.

Only staged images can be deleted via the profiles UI.


Metadata can be associated with an image at upload time. A title is mandatory; other fields such as description, date created, photographer/illustrator (aka creator), right holder, rights statement and licence, are optional.

Displaying images

Images are associated with a Biocache Occurrence record. To retrieve an image, perform an Occurrence Search against the biocache. Include the im=true query parameter to also fetch associated metadata.

Image Storage

Profiles supports images from remote sources, private images and staged images. A private image is stored relative to the collection and associated profile /data/profile-hub/private_images/collectionId/profileUUID/imageID/imageID.jpg. The image directory also contains tile and thumbnail directories. A staged image is an image added while the profile is locked for major revision and is treated similarly to a private image until the profile is unlocked. Staged images are stored at /data/profile-hub/staged_images/collectionId/ profileUUID/imageID/imageID.jpg.


Feature to upload images to ALA occurrence system has been removed since Biocache version 3.0 and above does not permit image uploads.