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To create a DeltaDataSet from text files in directive file format, the argument passed to the DataSetRepository findByName method can be one of two things:

  1. The path to a directory containing the directives files. In this case, the directory must contain files named specs, items and chars.
  2. The path to a directives file that includes the directives that specify the data set.
    String dataSet = "/path/to/";

    DataSetRepository repository = new TextFileDataSetRepository();
    MutableDataSet dataSet = repository.findByName(dataSet, null);

For a complete example, see: http://code.google.com/p/open-delta/source/browse/trunk/common/src/test/java/au/org/ala/delta/model/TextFileDataSetRepositoryTest.java

To create a DeltaDataSet from the binary format used by the DELTA Editor:

    String dataSet = "/path/to/dataset.dlt";

    DataSetRepository repository = new SlotFileRepository();
    MutableDataSet dataSet = repository.findByName(dataSet, null);

In this case the runtime type of the returned MutableDataSet will be a SlotFileDataSet.