Program Project configuration - AtlasOfLivingAustralia/fieldcapture Wiki

Projects inherit configuration from the Program under which they are run. (Reporting configuration can also be inherited from the management unit the Project is under).

Item Default Data Type / Options Description
projectTemplate blank rlp / esp / blank Selects a template for the project. The default value is the original MERIT template, most new projects now use the RLP template
optionalProjectContent [] Array (values include "Risks and Threats", "MERI Plan") Specifies whether the project homepage should support entry of the MERI Plan and Risks and Threats. Default is neither. Ignored by RLP projects currently (probably shouldn't be)
activityTypes all activities Array. Values should include the names of ActivityForms that can be selected as activities by the project Currently only used by the original MERIT template. RLP projects are configured by the services selected in the MERI plan
activityNavigationMode stayOnPage stayOnPage / return After saving an activity, should the browser redirect to the project page or stay on the activity form page
activitiesRequireLocking false boolean If true, a pessimistic lock will be obtained when a user opens a report form to prevent concurrent editing