Pre population - AtlasOfLivingAustralia/ecodata-client-plugin Wiki

Forms support pre-population via the pre-populate attribute.


Each element of the pre-populate array specifies how to obtain the data to pre-populate from and the mapping between that data and the dataModel described by the configuration.

Attribute Description
source The data for pre-population can be obtained from the page context, a literal value declared in the configuration, or by making an HTTP/S call, and is specified by the "source" attribute.
mapping The mapping between the pre-pop data and the data model is specified by the mapping attribute.
merge The merge attribute describes how to attempt to merge pre-pop data with data that already exists in the form. This feature is used by MERIT for reporting against metrics described in the MERI plan - if another metric is added, it can be merged into the report even after the user has started to complete the form. If not supplied, the pre-pop operation will not execute if the form has saved data