Data Types - AtlasOfLivingAustralia/ecodata-client-plugin Wiki

Data types

Each object in the dataModel element above should have the following structure:

    "dataType": <data type>
    "name": <string>
    "constraints": <array or computed expression>
    "computed": <computed expression object>
    "validate": <list of validation strings>
    "units": <optional field to specify the units numerical values are recorded in, if applicable>
    "decimalPlaces": <optional field to specify the number of supported decimal places for number data types.  Default value is 2>

General data type parameters

Each data type parameter is described in the section Supported data types below with the particulars of its use however parameters that are applicable to every data type are described here and are called general parameters.


String. The field name. It is used as the value for source in a view type. It must be unique in the JSON dataModel section.

Supported data types



Stores a list of strings

View types that can use it



Optional list that constrain the possible values contained in each entry of the stringList


SelectMany View Type and stringList Data Type Example