Setting up Atlas of Living Scotland - AtlasOfLivingAustralia/documentation Wiki

Setup the Atlas of Living Scotland

The Atlas of Living Scotland has been setup using a selection of ansible scripts. Most of these scripts are in the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) repository ala-install.

This is here to provide an example of a system setup which goes beyond the ala-demo playbook, setting up more system components.

There are a few additional ansible playbooks in this repository that have been used to setup the system. The ansible inventories that have been used are in a private repository.

Getting started

To reduce typing, set an unix alias up like so which points to the PEM file that you will use against the virtual machines:

export alias ansible-als='ansible-playbook --private-key ~/.ssh/XXXXXXXXX.pem -u ubuntu -s'

Ansible playbooks used to setup the system

Install registry (collectory)

This will setup the main registry for the system, the collectory.

ansible-als -i inventories/ ala-install/ansible/collectory.yml

Install occurrence backend (biocache database)

ansible-als -i inventories/ ala-install/ansible/biocache-backend.yml

Install images service

Install the image services and database backend.

ansible-als -i inventories/ ala-install/ansible/image-service.yml

Install central authentication service

Install the single sign on authentication component.

ansible-als -i inventories/ ala-install/ansible/auth-standalone.yml

Install sightings

Install the ad-hoc sightings components.

ansible-als -i inventories/ ala-install/ansible/ecodata.yml 
ansible-als -i inventories/ ala-install/ansible/pigeonhole-standalone.yml 

Index server

This script will setup SOLR on a standalone server.

ansible-als -i inventories/ ala-install/ansible/solr-standalone.yml 

Species pages webservices & UI (BIE)

This script will setup species pages and webservices on a standalone server.

ansible-als -i inventories/ ala-install/ansible/bie-index.yml 
ansible-als -i inventories/ ala-install/ansible/bie-hub.yml 

Biocache webservices & UI

This script will setup occurrence search pages and webservices on a standalone server.

ansible-als -i inventories/ ala-install/ansible/biocache-service.yml 
ansible-als -i inventories/ ala-install/ansible/biocache-hub.yml 

Install UK version of the name matching index

This script installs the name index on machines using the lucene name indexes. This would include biocache webservices, lists tool and a few other components.

ansible-als -i inventories/name-index als-install/ansible/name-index.yml