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This is just a draft, please edit and improve this page if you see some mistake or you want to add some info or improve it

The logger service should be installed and configured correctly in order to collect stats about downloads, etc.

If it's configured as https://your-node-domain/some-logger-context-path/ your inventories should be configured for instance as:

disable_logger = false
logger_webservice_url = https://your-node.domain/logger-service/service
logger_hostname = your-node.domain
logger_url = https://your-node.domain/logger-service
logger_base_url = https://your-node.domain
logger_context_path = /logger-service

but if your logger-service uses it's own subdomain like logger.your-node.domain your inventories should looks like:

disable_logger = false
logger_base_url = https://logger.your-node.domain
logger_context_path = 
logger_db_hostname = localhost
logger_hostname = logger.your-node.domain
logger_url = https://logger.gbif.es
logger_webservice_url = https://logger.your-node.domain/service

These logger variables are used in several services (collectory, biocache-hub, etc) and these urls should be correct so check your logs for 404 errors.

For now, the collectory role does not uses logger_webservice_url, so you should use:

logger_url = https://logger.your-node.domain/service

in the collectory inventory in order to interact with the logger properly (FIXME).

Additional steps

Also you have to configure the "Remote Address lists" in the logger /admin/ interface. These are the IP addresses allowed to use the logger web service or you will get a 'Unathorized' error when collectory and other services tries to log things.


Try to make some download and check for 404 and/or 401 errors in your logs. If this happens double check the above steps. Also you should see that the number of downloads in the collectory public pages increases. Also check the /admin interface logs summary.