Glossary - AtlasOfLivingAustralia/documentation Wiki

Long name

The long name of a LA Project is the name used in long descriptions of you LA Project in web pages, emails, e.g: Atlas of Living Australia, BioAtlas Sweden, Portal de Datos de GBIF.ES, NBN Atlas, and so on.

Short name

An abbreviation of the Long Name of a LA Project, e.g.: ALA, GBIF.ES, NBN.

Directory name

Directory name extensión to use in the generated directories and files of a LA Project, e.g.: ala, gbif_es, nbn. Typically used in inventories generated directories but also in server configurations like /data/dirName-hub directories. It should contain lowercase characters, numbers and/or underscores.


The main DNS domain used by your LA Project, e.g.:,,,,, etcetera. You can still have your LA portal home in a subdomain, like or

Services map area

The map area is the focused area used by services like collections (aka collectory), records (aka biocache-hub), species, regions and spatial, in their main homepage map.

Map area name

You should give a name for this area, e.g.: 'Australia', 'United Kingdom', 'Vermont', and so on.

Organization Address

Your organization address (address, postal code, city, state, country, postal code, ...) is used for GBIF data publications (EML) from the collectory and also for provide sources information in the downloads (in biocache).