Configuring the Spatial Portal - AtlasOfLivingAustralia/documentation Wiki

Let's configure your spatial portal to change menu items, base layers, WMS servers.

  1. Configuration options
    1. Change default bounding box (see defaultareas in the config in /data/spatial-hub/config/spatial-hub-config.yml) -> see the default_areas section and specify your own coordinates, name, etc. These can be configured via some ansible var. Then service tomcat7 restart. You can see the result by clicking on "Tools -> Add area report".
    2. Add your own WMS servers - (see presetWMSServers in the config in /data/spatial-hub/config/spatial-hub-config.yml) If your json request ends with a 401-Unauthorized error, add your server host to the allowproxy line in spatial-hub-config.yml:
  1. See the spatial-hub README for skinning options for the Spatial Portal.