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Since october 2017, Canadensys run its portal in production.
The portal is offering these user modules:

The portal is offering these api modules:

Metadata on the portal development (number of developers and time allowed to the portal for instance)

The portal has been developped by 1 programmer.
The production portal was opened faster thanks to a CESP coordination between GBIF France and Canadensys.

informations about :

the structure that host the portal :

the portal architecture

The portal is based on 8 VM with ubuntu 16.06. More information on the diagram part.

other informations (who, what, how, when and where)

Servers are hosted in the Center Of Biodiversity (IRBV-UDM)
Server capacity : 48 VCPU, 128 Go
Number of VM: 8



Targeted (in two years):


Canadensys ALA Diagram

Canadensys ALA Diagram (75%)
Canadensys ALA Diagram (50%)

Mains local points to this portal

We have some modifications for the collectory and in the layout