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If your LA portal has different subdomains for each LA module you will need to allow the access from one subdomain to other, that is, you will need to configure Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS).

For instance this allows to access to your common branding header/footer and style resources from other subdomains, or to access to you biocache service from other subdomains (for instance from a data hub), et cetera.

CORS configuration

nginx configuration

Since PR 370 you can configure CORS in your nginx vhost proxies configuration via this variable:

nginx_cors_origin_regexp: '^https?:\/\/(localhost|l-a\.site|.*\.l-a\.site|.*\.other-allowed-subdomain\.org)'

This is a PCRE regexp. Test it with some tool like to be sure that works for, or et cetera.

CORS in LA configuration

In LA modules the CORS is configured via:

but for now, the defaults inventory options should work for you.