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The terms of use for a record.


Not all data in the ALA is available for all uses. The license conditions for use of data in the ALA are determined by the organisations and individuals that provide the data to the ALA. Please see the ALA terms and conditions for more information on providing and using data via the ALA:

The following licenses are used at data resource level in the ALA and apply to all records in that dataset:

In addition, some datasets will have multiple different licenses that are applied at the record level within the dataset. These are most commonly found on images, and where a data provider to the ALA has aggregated data from multiple sources. These are identified with the condition "License at record level". Please refer to individual records to determine the conditions of use.

Further information on Creative Commons licensing can be found here:

Further information on public domain mark can be found here:,be%20freely%20used%20by%20others.

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Technical description, provenance, code

Superseded - this infrastructure is no longer in use in the ALA -