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The record has been identified to a taxon that is excluded from Australia (see TAXON_EXCLUDED assertion), but could be matched to a taxon in ALA, because of information in the name authorities used by ALA.

Example: The Australian Faunal Directory (AFD), gives Apogon notatus as excluded from Australia, but associates it with Ostorhinchus jenkinsi, meaning that earlier reports from Australia have been found to be Ostorhinchus jenkinsii (see BIE entry for Ostorhinchus jenkinsi).

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Implications and caveats

Severity: Warning

This assertion is only relevant for records of observations that have been made, or specimens that have been collected, in Australia. It indicates that the identification is most likely inaccurate, but the matched name might still be correct.

Data custodian recommendations

Check if the coordinates of the record fall within the known distribution of the matched taxon. If there is a voucher specimen or image associated with the record, update the identification.

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