SENSITIVITY_REPORT_INVALID - AtlasOfLivingAustralia/ala-dataquality Wiki


The sensitivity information for this record cannot be interpreted.

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Implications and caveats

Severity: Warning

The ALA checks to see if a scientific name or taxon is regarded as sensitive in a location or jurisdiction. If it is, the occurrence location is obscured following the rules specified for that combination of taxon and location.

This issue is raised when the information received by the service cannot be interpreted. There must be enough information to determine the organism and the location. For example, the coordinates alone could be provided and that would be sufficient, or the Country and state would be sufficient.

If this information is not available or incomplete, the sensitive species rules for this combination of organism and location can't be applied and may incorrectly make sensitive data available.

Data custodian recommendations

Review taxonomic information and location information. Pleas contact the data management team if any problems are found - [email protected]

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