Creating a ROS Package - AtlasBuggy/DuneBuggyROS Wiki

Welcome to the DuneBuggyROS wiki!

This codebase will store all the ROS code for the DuneBuggy. Here are the steps to add a ROS package to the codebase:

  1. Create a branch, where the name of the branch should be the name of the your package. Your code may be modified as you wish in the branch.
  2. When the package is well-formed and at a usable level, create a Wiki article for it, following the format of this wiki article. Make sure information is clear and concise for people who may want to use your package.
  3. Make a Pull Request to merge your package with the main codebase. Make sure you're only merging the necessary code for your package and not any extraneous test files.
  4. Your wiki and code will be lightly reviewed to make sure it meets these guidelines, and if so it will be merged.

The current review process is to ensure that people are pushing well-formed packages into the codebase. Protocols may change as the codebase evolves.