Smooth Node - AtlasBuggy/BabyBuggyROS Wiki


To run

Run rosrun smooth [channel] [f/i] [nu]

where [channel] is the channel you want to smooth, [f/i] represents whether the given channel takes in Floats or Ints, and [nu] is coefficient of smoothing (optional, default 0.1).

Subscribed Topics

/[channel], Float64 or

/[channel], Int64

Pulished Topics

Publishes to: /smooth_[channel], Float64


Smooths out a channel to reduce the effect of noise. Performs the following operation on incoming data:

  diff = datum - current_data
  current_data += nu * diff
  publish <- current_data

0 < nu < 1 Lesser nu means more smoothing, but be careful about data loss.