Xdrip Follower Setup - Atlas-Night-Out/xDrip-plus Wiki


If you would like to follow these instructions with video then click image below

First, we need to setup the Master mode

I'm using a Dexcom G6 with version xDrip-plus-20210702-c4d6843.apk [[/images/xdrip_followers_setup/system status.jpg]]

in Sync Settings on your main phone

  1. Go to settings 2. then xdrip+ sync settings

1 [[/images/xdrip_followers_setup/hanberger setting_200x396.jpg]] 2 [[/images/xdrip_followers_setup/xdrip+ sync settings_200x400.jpg]] 3. These are the Settings to select. [[/images/xdrip_followers_setup/sync settings_200x441.jpg]] Alt Text

Now display the security key QR code and scan with our Followers handset

  1. Go to show settings QR codes on main mobile [[/images/xdrip_followers_setup/show settings QR codes on main mobile_200x395.jpg]] 5.And select xdrip plus security key settings only. [[/images/xdrip_followers_setup/xdrip plus security key settings only_200x398.jpg]]

Now configure the follower’s handset using its camera

  1. Go to settings / hardware data source [[/images/xdrip_followers_setup/hardware data source_200x396.jpg]] and then select xdrip+ sync follower [[/images/xdrip_followers_setup/xdrip+ sync follower_200x393.jpg]]

  2. Now select Auto Configure and allow permissions. [[/images/xdrip_followers_setup/Auto Configure_200x396.jpg]]

  3. Then select Auto Configure again [[/images/xdrip_followers_setup/Auto Configure_200x396.jpg]]

  4. and scan the other mobile bar code, with it [[/images/xdrip_followers_setup/bar code_200x415.jpg]]

If you need to set up multiple xdrip Followers then see my other setup on how to do this. I will add a link when I have done it!