Xdrip Display Setting - Atlas-Night-Out/xDrip-plus Wiki

![xdrip](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/wiki/Atlas-Night-Out/xDrip-plus/images/Xdrip Display Setting/xdrip colour line meanings heading.jpg)

If you would like to follow these instructions with video then click image below

The following are what the colour lines value meanings are

  1. First, Go to settings 1 [[/images/Xdrip Display Setting/0_xdrip_hamburger_319x630.jpg]] [[/images/Xdrip Display Setting/1_settings_319x630.jpg]]

  2. then go to Xdrip display settings 2 [[/images/Xdrip Display Setting/2_Xdrip display settings_319x630.jpg]]

  3. Now select xdrip colour settings 3 [[/images/Xdrip Display Setting/3_xdrip colour settings_319x630.jpg]]

  4. This will now show you the Glucose values and lines 4 [[/images/Xdrip Display Setting/4_Glucose values and lines_319x630.jpg]]

  5. You can scroll down to see more values 5 [[/images/Xdrip Display Setting/5_full list of values_319x1999.jpg]]