Preemptive Restarts - Atlas-Night-Out/xDrip-plus Wiki

When you use native Algorithm mode, the sensor will stop after 10 days (Seven days for G5). To avoid this, you will need to turn on preemptive restarts, which will automatically restart the sensor before it stops.

All G5 transmitters can use preemptive restarts. Only G6 transmitters whose firmware version is can use preemptive restart. That is all 80XXXX transmitters and some of 81XXXX transmitters.

If you use a Dexcom G6 that cannot use preemptive restart, and you don't disable preemptive restarts, your sensors will stop on day 9 instead of day 10. In order to disable preemptive restarts, you need to go to preemptive restarts in the G5/G6 Debug Settings page and turn it off: Settings -> G5/G6 Debug Settings -> Preemptive restarts

In my case, I was able to keep them on see below: