How to find my Muse MAC address and set it in IntelliPi - AtlantsEmbedded/IntelliPi Wiki

To find your Muse MAC address, you need to have bluez installed - If you installed the required packages listed the Complete Guide to Get Started, you are good to go - and have a Bluetooth device (embedded or USB dongle).

hcitool scan

This command will list all Bluetooth devices within reach:

The Muse is identified by its name. The number appended to it can also be used to tell Muses apart, as the same number is printed on the headset, inside the left ear branch. The number on the left ear branch is related to the MAC address but not sufficient, as the 3rd pair of digits from the right can also differ between Muses.

The MAC address then needs to be copied in the data_interface XML config file - default name is data_config.xml - next to the tag < remote_addr >.