5 Configuration - Atlantis-Software/synapps Wiki

Synapps can be configured by calling the function app.set()


this exemple set the name of the application to 'myApp'.

var synapps = require('@synapps/core');
var app = synapps();
app.set('name', 'myApp');

Available parameters

paramName value type default description
name String 'synapps' name of the application
defaultPolicy String undefined default policy applied for all routes
staticDir String undefined absolute path of the static folder http serving
apiDir String undefined scale all router paths in a subdirectory
debug String 'error' debug level to log available levels are: 'OFF', 'FATAL', 'ERROR', 'WARN','INFO', 'DEBUG', 'TRACE' and 'ALL'
maxWorker Integer cpu count max worker count
ipcLocalPort Integer 8000 tcp port used for communication beetween worker and master
logFile String app folder / synapps.log log file path
tls Object undefined cluster tls parameters