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App04: Social Network - Inheritance


This application is the first version of a system that will allow users to post messages and photos that other users can view and like. (Any similarities to FaceBook is purely coincidental!). This App is based on the BlueJ book chapter 8 in version 5, there is no video of that chapter. In BlueJ version 6 it is discussed in chapters 10 and 11.

There is a video to guide you through the code refactoring. Please read the BlueJ book for a deeper understanding of the concepts covered.


The user can:-

  1. Add a message Post to the list of posts.
  2. Add a photo or image Post to the list of posts.
  3. Display all the posts with their comments and likes
  4. Display all the posts for a date/time period
  5. Display all the posts of a particular author
  6. Remove a particular post.
  7. Add comments to a particular post.
  8. Like and unlike a particular post.


UML: Use Case Diagram

to be inserted by the student

UML: Class Diagram

Class Diagram Screenshot


Screen Shots of Each Feature

Black Box Testing

to be inserted by the student

Evaluation (20 Marks)

The student should add five limitations or useful extensions that could be added to the application

  1. To be able to send friend request and to receive requests
  2. To be able to send and receive direct messages
  3. To be able to see who has commented on the most (notification)
  4. To have a web interface for easy navigation and interaction
  5. To be able to block certain users and to unblock