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App03: Student Marks


The first version of this application will allow a tutor to enter a single mark of each of a list of students and it will convert that mark into a grade. The application will then be able to calculate simple statistics and also calculate and display a student grade profile.


  1. Output and display an application heading
  2. Input a single mark for each of at least 10 students
  3. Display a list of the students together with their mark and their grade
  4. Calculate and display the mean mark, the minimum mark and the maximum mark
  5. Calculate and display a grade profile (the percentage of students obtaining each grade)
Mark Range Grade Classification
70-100 A First Class
60-69 B Upper Second Class
50-59 C Lower Second Class
40-49 D Third Class
0-39 F Fail


UML: Use Case Diagram (12 Marks)

to be inserted by the student

UML: Class Diagram (16 Marks)

Class Diagram Screenshot


Example Screen Shots (36 Marks)

Screen shots to be inserted by the student, should include examples of each of the features and the student's name

Results of Unit Testing (44 Marks)

Unit testing screen shot to be inserted by the student

Evaluation (20 Marks)

The student should add five limitations or useful extensions that could be added to the application

  1. To add a Windows User Interface
  2. To add a browser user interface
  3. To add module detail to the system
  4. To add assignment details to the system
  5. To add modules in different years.