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App03: Student Grades


The applications is used to calculate the final mark and grade for a student who has completed four modules as part of their course. In this first version of the App you can assume that their will only ever be four modules, and no final grade can calculated unless the student has completed four modules. Each module completed gains the student 15 credits towards completing their course. You can use an ArrayList to store 4 modules if you understand that concept, or you can simple have four attributes in a Course, one for each of the modules.


The application must have the following features

  1. It can create a Student object.
  2. It can create a Course object.
  3. A student can be enrolled on a course.
  4. It can create a Module with a title, a module code and a percentage mark.
  5. A percentage mark can be awarded to a module
  6. A course must contain four modules.
  7. Module details can be printed.
  8. Four modules can be added to a course.
  9. The details of the course and its modules can be printed
  10. A final grade can be calculated for a course consisting of 4 modules.
  11. The final grade and the marks for the modules can be printed out for a student

Marks are always whole numbers and they can be converted into grades using the following conversion table:-


Class Diagram


To be replaced by the student


To be replaced by the student