Final Thoughts - Atileon/OC-p8 Wiki

On fixing bugs

This project has helped to me to improve the use of devtools and a patience reading blocks of code


This part was very exciting because at the end I have fun knowing that my code would be more efficient after any test, meanwhile I was leaving behind a less professional developer. Simply, I like what it feels like

On Documentation

I see the importance to write clean code and to comment process or explaining functionality of a project meanwhile the project grows. It get trace of any step and is more easy to extract documentation to external sources like this Wiki.

On the project itself

Well, The project had improve my tollerance to an enormous quantity of caffeine and now I have more gray hair but that's not a problem It's the Wise Gandalf style



Ok, seriously, developers gotta be wise and try to avoid to rush and test their work as much as is possible. The lot of work testing would be payed for future implementations when code grows and grows.

This project has pushed me to look for more readings about it. I'll enjoy it I know.