Competitor Audit Report - Atileon/OC-p8 Wiki

Competitor Performance Vs Our App

Our Competitor performance would be described at following points. After Any section Report would be Compared with our "TODOS Application" at the actually state, that because we need a trace to follow when our application grow up with a better performance.

The performance has been tested simulating a slow 3g connection



The time to load the DOMcontent ~ 21s/ Load ~34s

Note: It could be possible to defer some scripts to be downloaded asynchronusly, doing that the resource will not block parser

Note: Images aren't render-blocking resources but the size of these will increase the timing on download. The best way is to reduce size of images files or resolution as possible as a nice rendering could permit us to do it. It can be compressed into another format as jpg or gif instead of npg because the file in this case don't uses transparency.

Not Compressed-snapshot

Note: The text compression of resources would be enabled on server.

Our App:

Our timings: DOMcontent ~6.5s/ Load ~7s (Locally), with async/defer scripts -> DOMcontent ~4.5s/ Load ~6s

Actually the timing of our app was tested locally on a live-server and is faster than Competitor App. We got to mantain it as simple as posible.

Actually the good performance points of our App are:

Responsive Behaviour


Our App:

media query our app

NOTE: Vector images(SVG) has an optimal adaptation to any viewport size and the most times the sizes of these images are very light instead of Raster images that are lossy images when increasing or decreasing viewports and the sizes are relative on their resolution.

Future Improvements Thoughts: