How to install - AtiLion/BotNeck-Bot Wiki

How to install

Installing the plugin

The plugin is installed the same as any other plugin.

  1. Visit the Releases page and download the latest ZIP file.
  2. Open the ZIP file using either WinRAR or 7-Zip of course you can also use a custom program that supports ZIP files.
  3. Extract ALL the files and folders from inside the zip into your BetterDiscord plugins folder.
  4. Now simply restart discord and enable the plugin from the BetterDiscord plugins tab.

That's it! You now have the self-bot installed to your discord client. It will launch along with discord so you won't have to run any external executables or anything like that!

If you are new to the bot it is also recommended you use the How to use page to learn how to use the bot and information on included commands.

Installing the BotNeck modules

BotNeck modules install the same as plugins to BetterDiscord however instead of placing the module into the plugins folder you place them into the BotNeck_Modules folder. Which is located inside the plugins folder for BetterDiscord.

Where can I find my BetterDiscord plugins folder?

For Windows the folder can be found on this path: %appdata%\BetterDiscord\plugins For OS X the folder can be found on this path: ~/Library/Preferences/BetterDiscord/plugins