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The Weapons and Armor sections are under construction


The mod

This mod aims to rebalance and introduce mechanics to Terraria class/job system. The main objective with those changes is to make every class unique, playable and enjoyable. Right now Summoner is an idle class with few choices of weapon and armor(excluding Old One's Army), Melee class isn't really melee and is fairly squishy for its role and Mage isn't powerful enough in opposition to how weak their armor is. Ranger is fine, but will not be left out.

Introduced and Planned content

Restricted Job system

Upon defeating wall of flesh for the first time with an character, you will be prompted to choose one of the 5 currently existing classes: Knight, Rogue, Ranger, Mage and Summoner. This will restrict your armor and weapon types based on the class' specializations.

Knight class

Knight is meant to be the upgrade to the Melee class, this is supposed to be tanky, so all armor defenses got buffed, along with it being the only class able to use hardmode shields: the Paladin Shield and the Ankh Shield(yes you read it right). It also got its critical potential reduced.

Rogue class

In short, Rogue class is an melee specialist, but is not to be confused with the actual Melee class, this one is focused on critical strikes and attack speed, along with being able to use thrown items that are able to be imbued with Flask effects. It has several advantages and disadvantages regarding item effects and use.

Ranger class

This one has very few changes as of now, but they're nice ones. They got the ability to use mana-fueled guns to deal ranged damage, improving their already high weapon variety. The guns have their own additional prefixes so they benefit from both mana and ranged damage related buffs. I hope to introduce more stuff to our fellow rangers in the future.

Mage class

Magic damage is now improved to its own tier as they are able to deal high damage out of the box, without critical strikes, which means they won't be dealing critical strikes easily. Apart from that, they have lost their guns to the Ranger class and some spells to the Summoner class, because they felt out of place. I'm hoping to introduce new weapons in the future.

Summoner class

Our fellow minion addicts will have alot of improvements, right now they got weapons that deal direct summon damage, they're usually related to summoning creatures that are projectiles, such as The Bee's Knees. With that said, they also are the only class that can use minions. I plan to give an HP bar to minions and make them targetable in the future, but I have no idea when.

WIP New class

This class is different from every other class, as this is an original idea given by an specific item within the game. It's close to Rogue and Mage in concept, but it's not an mage assassin of some sort. Have fun trying to figure it out.