Disc to Disk Archive Creator 2.0 - AthlonX2/Disc2Disk Wiki

This software is written in C++ and has been developed using the Bloodshed Dev C++ IDE. It blends C++ logic with Command Shell instructions which tap into the power of XCOPY to perform the data transfer. Through the use of concatenated instructions via String Streaming, this program is able to pass predirected commands to the computers command shell environment and based on the two drives the Source and the Destination, as entered by the user, the program tells the system to transfer all data via XCOPY instruction to a destination folder on the Destination Drive at a location that is Unique and labelled as Disc# where # is a number from 1 onward. This allows for all data to be copied to the Destination Drive from the Source Drive without the risk of data among many sources overwriting the same file names at the same paths at the same destination.

The License is GPL FREEWARE; and anyone can use or edit the source as they see fit as long as credit remains with a Copyright credit to Dave Lembke the original programmer of this source. Use of this software and all variants created by others of the original source is AS-IS unless otherwise specified by that party who claims any such liability. Dave Lembke claims no liability in the use or damages which may result in the operation or malfunction of said program or code for any reason, or any projects that spawn off of the original source code which may result in some kind of problem.

Added in version 2.0 from 1.0 (which version 1.0 is no longer available for download), the program now keeps track of where it left off. This allows users to process a batch of data CD's or DVD's and continue the process at some other point without having to use counter override that was present in version 1.0 which came with the risk that if a user failed to tell the program that they needed to override the counter, and failed to enter a value, the counter would start at 1 again and this would cause a merger between 2 or more disc's at the same destination path and could cause a nightmare for the user if for example an older rev document was at this same destination from a prior disc transfer, and the newer version of it from another disc source would overwrite the older file with the newer file of the same file name and type.

This software will run on any computer that supports XCOPY with the /s/d/y switch instructions. It has been tested on Windows XP Pro 32-bit SP3 as well as Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit SP1. A future release may make use of Robocopy, but version 2.0 is explicitly XCOPY command shell instructions generated dynamically by C++ program variables.