Team Biography - Athleteactivism/Design-doc Wiki


My name is Alex Javier and I am a freshman econ major at Dietrich College in Carnegie Mellon. I have been interested in sports since the first time I could hold a ball, playing both basketball and football my entire life. I am a huge NBA and NFL fan with some of my favorite players being Lebron James and Colin Kapernick. I play football at Carnegie Mellon and am thinking about walking on basketball as well. My major contribution to this VR experience would be composing of our story being told in the experience. I used my knowledge on Lebron James endeavors on and off the court to create a story that enlightens the viewer on athlete activism and racial inequalities.


My name is Amor Ai and I am a freshman in Dietrich College at Carnegie Mellon, planning to study Statistics with an additional major in Decision Science. I’ve always played a sport growing up, from softball to recently playing competitive basketball. As of right now, I am a huge sports fan, watching a variety of sports from the NBA to the NFL and NWSL. My major contribution to this project was through the role of an editorial voice, utilizing my writing and editing skills to revise the individual components of our experience. I was in charge of keeping my team on track, organizing all of our work on Github, as well as making sure our final deliverables met the expectations for the quality of our work.


My name is Asyer Yonas and I am a freshman at Carnegie Mellon studying Information Systems in the Dietrich College. I grew up playing a lot of sports and love watching the NBA and the NFL and love making connections to the sports world. I use my own experience with sports along with what I have seen in the sports world and make connections to our VR experience and how my own experience could play a role in building up the storyboard. Using the VR experience and learning how to adjust to VR has been my favorite part of this course because it taught me a new way of learning and adjusting to different situations.


My name is Zach Van Bennekum and I’m an information systems major at Carnegie Mellon. I am a sports fan and actively follow the NFL and NBA. Along with being a fan I have played sports for most of my life. I play football at Carnegie Mellon University. My major contribution to our project was working on the prototype for staging post 3. I took 360 photos and used photoshop to draw in characters and scenes from our experience. I have had little experience with VR but look forward to incorporating sports and culture into a VR experience.