Playtesting - Athleteactivism/Design-doc Wiki

Audience and professional feedback:

The feedback that stood out most to our group was that we needed to include more of the story and what the viewer would actually experience while using our VR. We took this and added more details to how the user would feel while experiencing the VR as well as speaking more onto our goals. We were also told that we need to specify our target audience so we focused it more on the people who watch sports and disagree or have an issue with athletes using their platforms to speak on political issues and promote their political agenda. That being said, they loved our VR experience, commenting: “This reminds me a lot of the NBA commercial, this is sick” and “WOW this is a dope trailer, where is your headset ? I want to try it out.” With everything that is going on now, they felt that our VR experience really had an effect on them because they felt as if they could relate to what the issue was.

Utilizing the feedback we receiving during our presentation on 5/4, we added more pictures and videos into our presentation slides and added a summary of our experience. We also placed an emphasis on embodiment, ensuring that there would be a connection between the viewer and our topic when the viewer enters the body of a young boy.