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The AtherysRPG plugin aims to completely rework the way player progression works in Minecraft, by enhancing it with various RPG elements and mechanics.

In order for someone to make full use of this plugin, they should really consider what they want out of an RPG experience. This is because working with the AtherysRPG plugin majorly consists of making and tweaking configurations. Most features are implemented such that they attempt to blend in seamlessly with the overall gameplay of a vanilla Minecraft server, with very few commands requiring to be used by the actual player.

Each of the different cornerstones of the RPG plugin is explained in the below articles:

General Overview

In general, the RPG plugin implements the following basic gameplay loop:

  1. Players earn experience ( by killing mobs, as quest rewards ( see: AtherysQuests ), or by whatever other means implemented by the server administrators )
  2. Players spend this earned experience on Attributes or Skills ( the same experience is used for both. This present the player with the choice of either improving their attributes, or picking up more skills, which may not be as powerful due to the player's underdeveloped attributes )

Through their use of custom RPG items, players may additionally boost their character's attributes. See more in the Items article.


  1. Install AtherysCore ( drag and drop the jar into your mods folder )
  2. Install AtherysSkills ( same as AtherysCore )
  3. Install AtherysRPG ( same as AtherysCore )
  4. Done!