[EN] How to setup - AthenaEventEngine/AthenaCore Wiki

This engine is very simple to install. In a few minutes, you'll have the Event Engine working. So let's go!



  1. Firstly, you must download the neccesary files. Go to Releases, search the last one and download the .rar. Now, we called the .rar like EventEngine.rar
  2. Open EventEngine.rar, go to 'libs' folder and copy L2J_EventEngine.jar. Paste it inside dist/libs in L2J_Server project.
  3. Inside L2J_Server project, run gradlew.bat to compile the project (also, you can do it with IDE, it's your choice). We need this to get a l2jserver.jar which recognizes the engine. Inside build/distributions will appear the last compilation and open it.
  4. Inside your server folder, go to 'game', delete l2jserver.jar and paste the new l2jserver.jar that is inside the last build.
  5. Open again EventEngine.rar and extract the folders 'dist' and 'libs' inside your server folder.
  6. Go to game/data/scripts.cfg and add the next line custom/EventEngine/EventEngineStarter.java
  7. Go to game/config and open General.properties. Search for CustomNpcData and turn it into true
  8. Run the server. Checkout if there is not error in console to confirm the engine was loaded fine.
  9. Now go to game/eventengine/ and you'll see: a config file and an events folder. The config file is where all the engine base configurations appear and the events folder is where the JARs and events configs are placed. By default, it contains Team vs Team, Capture the flag and All vs All.
  10. Done! The engine is installed. Now, just run your server as usual and spawn the NPC 36600 to start! Remember if you have more events, just paste the JARs inside the events folder to be loaded.