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Welcome to the Athena Event Engine wiki!

Athena Event Engine is a professional Lineage II Java Event Engine, fully written in Java. Authors: Zephyr, Sacrifice78, Fissban and U3Games.

Basic Features of the engine:

• No L2J core modifications! • Most common events implemented (Team vs Team, Capture the flag and All vs All). • Individual properties and complete configuration for each event. • Teams support: you can set more than two teams per event. • Voting support. • Multilanguage support. • Automatic message kill. • Reward for kill (items, pvp and fame points). • Scheme buffer. • Multiple scenarios. • Anti-Afk control. • Anti-Dual Box protection. • Spawn protection.

Events ready to use:

• Capture the Flag. • Team vs Team. • All vs All.


• Administration Panel. (Start/stop the auto-run, start and cancel events, change properties,..) • Effects for Events (protection, visual skill, invisible, ). • Mini Events. • A Html to statistics at the end of each event. • Espectator mode in the event. • Support Community board. • More events.


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