Demo 1 - Athanaseus/drasticali Wiki

Creating a recipe file and adding/removing new tasks.

After the notebook server is started, open drastic-add.ipynb to begin running task (or building pipeline).

  1. Execute the first two cells, and you will end up with the following results: Then select your container technology of interest.

Screenshot from 2019-08-29 10-33-45

  1. Click configure to set up the framework. Then type in the name of the recipe file where all the tasks will be added:


  1. Click load to load all available tasks (a.k.a cabs):

Screenshot from 2019-06-13 13-34-29

  1. Select your task of interest that you will like to run or add to your pipeline (e.g. wsclean):

Screenshot from 2019-06-13 13-34-48

  1. Start adding parameter values (Note that some sensible defaults are provided):

Screenshot from 2019-06-13 13-35-15

  1. Once you are satisfied with the parameter values, click on Add to add the task to the recipe file (Note you can also provide the number of the task representing the order of execution, otherwise it will be appended at the end of what already exist in the pipeline. The rest will be adjested accordingly). Furthermore if at this point you are satisfied with all the tasks added click run-all, otherwise repeat 3 - 6:

Screenshot from 2019-06-13 13-35-35

  1. If you want to remove a specific task from the existing pipeline, select it and click remove.

Screenshot from 2019-06-13 13-36-35

Note: All products will be in directory output.