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Drasticali Tutorial

DRASTICALI is Diverse Radio Astronomy Software Tools for Imaging and Calibration. It is collection of legacy and novel radio synthesis tools for imaging and calibration based on Stimela. Stimela is a platform-independent radio interferometry scripting framework based on Docker and Python. In this framework, radio interferometry related tasks such as data synthesis, calibration, imaging and data quality assessment are executed in containers.

Drasticali provides an interface to such tools, allowing users to perform reduction task on the fly and produce pipelines without any programming experience.

Drasticali comprise three jupyter-notebooks that users can interact with:
drasticali-add.ipynb - Add/Remove (or Run) a particular task (such as wclean)
drasticali-edit.ipynb - Edit (or Run) a particular task
drasticali-run.ipynb - Run all (or particular) task(s)

Note: A <recipe>.json file is generated or else for edit/run an existing one is used.
i.e. You can add/remove/edit to a specific recipe file. This represents the pipeline (or all ran tasks) information, and it is this file that can be shared to another drasticali user for reproducibility of results

Generating and running jupyter-notebook server (ensure that you run it in a screen session):
$ drasticali -gd
$ drasticali run --port 8888 --screen

If running on a remote machine, forward the port as follows:
$ ssh -L 8888:localhost:8888 <username>@<remote-machine>