Testing and Code Coverage - AtesComp/miraclecast Wiki

Test suite

Testing is a basic feature to asure code behave as expected. Miraclecast lacks most of it, but there's already some test

  1. You need to install dependency check.

  2. Compile as describe in [[Building]] and execute

     $ make check

Code coverage

How much code is covered by test? Code coverage can answer that

  1. You need to modify compilation to include coverage traces:

     $ ./autogen.sh g --enable-gcov
  2. Then you can compile and execute test $ make $ make check

  3. To generate code coverage:

     $ make lcov
     $ xdg-open miracle-lcov/index.html

Is that all the code covered? Well, not really. All executables are compiled to support code coverage, so if you run any of them: miracle-wifid, miracle-sinkctl, miracle-dhcp, etc you will get more code coverage. That part needs to be automated and code coverage will increase, but a refactor needs to be done to isolate functionality and CLI.