Installation - Ateozc/RoA-Stream-Tool GitHub Wiki


Screen Rocker Bundle (includes the following items)

  • Screen Rocker support (with automation to control OBS and Auto Rename files)
  • Vod Rename support
  • OBS Control support

Individual Items

  • Vod Rename support
  • OBS Control support

I do plan to add more in the future. Each item I add will either be bundled together or separate pieces. Ill list whether or not a few items are a bundle or not. The way this will work is with each release I will do the following:

  • 1 zip that contains just Readeks version (Stream Tool - Lite)
  • 1 zip that contains all my plugins. (All Plugins)
  • 1 zip per plugin bundle (you can pick and choose which ones you want)
  • 1 zip containing the Screen Rocker application. (Screen
  • 1 zip with a complete version. This will includes: Readeks base Stream Tool, all of my plugins, and the Screen Rocker folder. (Stream Tool - Complete


Installation is supposed to be as simple as installing Readeks version. My plugins simply add a few files here and there, so no real issues combining the 2. Depending on if you already have the stream tool or not will change this slightly.

  1. Download the zip containing the items you want.
  2. Find where you want to install the Stream Tool.
  3. Place files into that folder. (If a previous version exists, simply place these files into that folder. Accept any time it asks you to overwrite a file).
  4. Done.

The Folder structure should look like this: \Stream Tool\Resources\Scripts If your Stream Tool folder is named differently, you will want to have it named "Stream Tool". If you dont want to rename it, all the subfiles for plugins will need to be placed inside of the folder yourself. (As in, Contents under "Stream Tool" folder in the zip files will need to be placed under your equivalent Stream Tool folder)

When in doubt, follow folder structure.