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In MAL Updater OS X 2.4, you can download new episodes automatically using the Torrent Browser. This feature requires you to register a donation license since this feature allows one to download Anime illegally. Additionally, this feature is closed source and is not available in the Community version.

Note: We are not responsible for any legal issues as a result of using this tool. Ensure you have legal rights to the file before downloading any torrents.

Torrent Browser

This is where you can search for new torrents and download them. You can search by using the search field.

To download an episode, you can click on a episode and click download on the toolbar or double clicking on the item. Currently, only Transmission is supported.

Adding Automatic Download Rules

MAL Updater OS X can automatically download new episodes. By adding a rule, it will download at the episode you selected. Depending on the frequency, it will download torrents for the episode that is at and any available episodes afterwards. Then it will open them up in Transmission. You can add a rule by selecting an item and clicking the Add Rule toolbar icon.

For best results, set the following settings in Transmission under Transfer Preferences

Automatic Download Rule Management

By clicking the Manage Rules toolbar icon on the toolbar, you can manage the rules. From here, you can remove rules and enable/disable them. If MAL Updater OS X doesn't detect any episodes in two weeks, the rule will be disabled automatically.

Automatic download of torrents can also be triggered on-demand by pressing the refresh button, if "Enable torrent auto downloading" is enabled.

Torrents Preferences